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The Most Useful Time and Attendance System on the Market



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  • Magstripe Reader
    Magstripe cards eliminate duplicate encoding by employees
  • High Durability
    High impact ABS plastic housing
  • Full Menu System Included
    Configure baud rate, clock ID, parity, etc.
  • Multi-tasking Device
    Reads employee cards and communicates with the computer at the same time
  • Embedded Processor
    Utilizes a 22 MHz 80C32 Intel Microprocessor
  • RS-232 Port
    Powered by Maxium232 Communications Driver for optimal communication
  • RS-485 Port
    Allows user to daisy-chain up to 32 Smart Clocks
  • Pass-through Technology
    Provides communication versatility for daisy-chain
  • High Contrast Display
    Back-lit LCD with large character size for high readability
  • Real-time Clock
    Dedicated lithium battery keeps the correct date and time during power failure
  • Flash Memory
    High reliability for stored data (128 KB)
  • Differential Mode Noise Protection
    500 VAC spike protection and 2,000 V ESD protection
  • Relay Terminal
    Can be integrated with electronic door locks, lights, buzzers, etc.
  • Optional 50322 Internal Modem
    Communicate and poll Smart Clocks remotely via phone line
  • Network Compatibility
    50320 Ethernet Board and 50321 WiFi Adapter accessories
  • Battery Back-up Accessory
    50325 Battery Back-up provides a power source when power failure occurs
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Annual Maintenance Agreement
    One time fee offers technical support on Smart Clock software and selected hardware. Click here for full details.
  • Made in the United States of America

PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Clock Overview

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Smart Clock’s Magnetic stripe or “magstripe” Time and Attendance terminals feature a reader for magnetic-stripe badges, similar to how a credit card holds information. When swiped, the magnetic stripe sends the employee data to the terminal. This technology is durable, difficult to forge and easy to use. The Magnetic Stripe Smart Clock line is available with or without biometric or fingerprint verification to add an additional layer of accountability to your Time & Attendance system. A Keypad is also available if Labor Distribution or Job Costing is part of your system. This allows employees to easily switch betweens job codes at the terminal.