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The Most Useful Time and Attendance System on the Market
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Savings Calculator

An automated Time & Attendance System like Smart Clock can quickly pay for itself through elimination of payroll errors, and inaccurate time punches. Use this calculator to see your potential savings:

Payroll preparation is not an easy task and mistakes can be costly. According to IRS statistics, approximately 33% of employers make payroll errors costing them billions of dollars annually in penalties. But that's just the beginning, other problems include:
Inefficient Time
The American Payroll Association shows that the manual calculation of timecards takes approximately 5 minutes per card.
Human Error
The American Payroll Association shows an error rate of between 1-8% of total payroll in companies that use traditional timecards. We will use a 2% error factor to calculate the potential savings.
According to the American Payroll Association, the average weekly "theft" of time (long lunches and breaks, tardiness, early departures, etc.) is 4 hours and 5 minutes per employee per pay period.

Time & Money Saving Calculator

Number of Employees  
Payroll Frequency
(payroll per year)
Average Hours
(per week)
Average Hourly Rate
(per employee)
Average Hourly Rate
(per payroll manager)