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Question Why do I see "NACK -1" or "Retry Count -1" errors when I am polling the clock?
Answer This generally means that you are experiencing connection problems to the Smart Clock that are causing the data to not arrive properly during polling. Sometimes there is garbage data in the clock (improperly formatted transactions) that can cause the errors.
To obtain the data from the Smart Clock, you will need to contact our technical support department.

If the errors are recurring, one thing that may help is lowering the baud rate of your Smart Clock and the software. Slower baud rates often help with data transmission problems. The polling will take a little longer, but the data should arrive without errors.

For direct connection Smart Clocks, try to maintain a 3-foot distance of separation parallel from any EMF source (power wires and fluorescent lights etc.). These kinds of devices can cause interference with the transmission of data and lead to these errors.
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