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Question Why do I receive the error message, "Error (-15) opening TCP/IP communication." when trying to communicate with my Smart Clock.
Answer This error indicates that there is no network connectivity to the Ethernet board that is attached to the Smart Clock.

You should check that you can ping the IP address assigned to the Ethernet board from the command prompt. If you cannot, check your Ethernet cable connections at the PC and the clock. One of the most common reasons for clock communication failures is that a cable is simply unplugged. You should also look at simple things, such as switching the Ethernet cable you are using, the position on the hub/switch or trying the Ethernet board at a different hub to see if the behavior is the same. Sometimes things like that make a difference and may help with pinpointing the problem.

Reset the clock by unplugging the power supply, waiting one minute and then plugging the power supply back in. The clock will reset itself and run through self-tests (as long as it is not connected to a battery backup unit that prevents it from turning off; you must use the reset button on the clock to force the reset if that is the case). Resetting the clock will not make it lose any punches in memory.

Try to access the Ethernet board's web interface menu by typing the IP address into your web browser. It should come up after a few moments if the board is on the network.

Here are some settings and situations that may lead to this error:

The Ethernet board has a duplicate IP address with another device on your network. This should not happen when DHCP assigns the IP address to the board, but if you change the IP address and accidentally assign a duplicate address this will create a communication problem. If you have UPnP enabled on a print server and it grabs the same IP address as the clock's Ethernet board as its second IP address, you won't be able to communicate with the clock. Disable UPnP on the print server and reboot it to free the IP address for usage by the Smart Clock.

The Ethernet board is connected to a managed Gigabit and/or P0E switch and the switch port is set to auto-negotiate speed and duplex. We recommend setting managed switch ports to 100Mb/Full duplex and turning off P0E on that port.

Something on the network is filtering UDP broadcast traffic to port 30718 (0x77FE) and/or to the MAC address of the Ethernet board.

Also, keep in mind that you should not immediately hit connect in the Perform I/O window or poll clock after just having disconnected from the clock. There is a window of time where the program and board are disconnecting and if you hit the button again, you will immediately get that error message. You have to be patient and give it at least a minute or so to disengage properly.

If you still don't get a response through the software, please contact our technical support department for assistance.
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