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Question What can I do if I have employees that I know are clocking in and out, but I cannot see their punches in the CARDS window?

The easiest way to discover what is happening is to poll the clock and have the employees not utilize it for a few minutes, so the memory is completely clear. At that time, have one of the employees which is having problems clock in. Then, immediately poll the clock.


That will bring in just that person’s punch data and will save it to a file. The raw clock data will be saved in a dated .BUF file in the software's DATA folder and a report on that punch will be saved in a dated .LOG file in the DATA folder. You will also immediately see if the punch was added or rejected in the polling status window.


Use the Utility>Browse Import Logs option in the program to look at the most recent LOG file and it will tell you why the punch is being rejected. You can then repeat the procedure for any other employees.


The most common reason for punches being rejected is because the badge number being used by the employee does not match the badge number (or employee number, if you are using that option) specified in the employee record for that employee. This procedure will help you to see what badge number they are using, so the problem can be corrected.

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