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The Most Useful Time and Attendance System on the Market

Questions And Answers

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Question How can I speed up my software if it is running slowly?
Answer If the software is running slow, one thing you can do is decrease the amount of historical information being kept in the program.

The Days on File field in the Company window controls this.

If you have this field set to the maximum of 9,999, the program is never clearing out old records. It can keep up 27.5 years of historical information at that setting!

That field can be adjusted to a number that reflects how much historical information you really need to keep. Most users set this field to 1095 to keep 3 years of information; others only keep 365 days.

The important thing to note is that if you change this field, the next time you open the program it is going to begin purging old records. If you have records going back to the year 2000 and set it to 365 in 2009, the program is going to purge 8 years worth of old information. This process can take hours.

If you are going to change the Days on File field, we recommend first backing up your entire program folder to another location on the hard drive, on other media, or another PC on your network, etc (just in case). Also, make sure the date on your PC is correct. The program uses that date to determine how far to look back for data, so that is important. Then, make the change to Days on File when you do not need to use the program for payroll and can leave it open handling the historical data purge.

Running the program from a network drive will cause it to run slower than a local installation. Moving the software to a local drive, if possible, can also increase speed.

Your computer also affects the speed of the program. If you are using an older PC that does not have much memory or a slow hard drive, that can impact the speed. Changing PC's or upgrading your PC can make a difference in the program’s performance.
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