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Question How do I fix a, "File cards cannot be opened.  Possible corruption 1477" or "CARDS File System error" message?

These errors indicate possible damage to the CARDS.TPS file. It will need to be repaired.
Right click on the desktop shortcut you use to access the program. Select Properties. Click on the Find Target (or Open File Location) button under the Shortcut tab. In the file listing that appears, locate the UCOUNT.TPS file and delete it.

Find a file in the listing named TPSFIX and double left click on it.  This will open the Topspeed Database recovery tool. 
In the Recovery tool screen, use the Browse button to select the CARDS.TPS file you want to repair from your OTBWIN folder.  This will automatically fill in the destination file information at the bottom. 
Click the Next button at the bottom.  The second screen will appear.
Click the Start button at the bottom.  At this point the program will begin scanning for errors.  Please pay close attention to any reported errors and jot them down.
Even if no errors are found, you will be asked if you want to continue with the recovery.  Click on "yes" when it asks.
The next part will take a while, as the file is cleaned up and organized.  After it is finished, click OK. 
Locate the original CARDS.TPS file in the file listing.  We want to safeguard it.  You will need to rename the file.  Just right click on the file and select rename.  You may rename the Cards.TPS to Oldcards.tps, for example.   
Next, find the CARDS.TPR file in the file listing and rename it to CARDS.TPS.
By doing that, you are making the repaired file the active file that the program will use. 

Once that is done, you can go ahead and open the Out of the Box program from your desktop.  It should open normally.

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