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Question What can I do if I am using a USB to serial converter device and I get com port related errors (such as No UART Found) when trying to communicate with the Smart Clock?

USB to serial converters can sometimes lose their com port number and other settings (such as the baud rate, parity, and data bits) which are required to match the settings in the Communication Lines window of our software. 

This can happen when the USB to serial converter is unplugged and plugged back in; especially if another USB device is plugged in while the converter is disconnected.  Sometimes it happens if a PC is shut down incorrectly or is affected by a power outage.
Usually what occurs is that the USB to serial converter will come back online and have a new com port number assigned to it.  Since it will be different from the one that was previously set in our software, the communication will fail. 

To locate this com port setting, please check your Device Manager in the Windows’ Control Panel for the Ports (COM & LPT) option and look at the settings for your USB to serial device.  You can see the com port number right next to the device name or you can right click on the device and select properties for the full details on all settings.  Once you know what the new com port number is, go back to your software and update the com port number field in your Communication Lines window.

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