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Question Why do I receive a "No Carrier" message when trying to communicate with a modem Smart Clock?

"No Carrier" is a modem related code indicating that the modem on the PC dialing out to the clock is encountering a problem finding a dial tone.

This message will appear if the phone line connecting the PC's modem to the wall jack is loose or disconnected, for example.

Sometimes it can occur even if the line is connected.  Rebooting the PC may help resolve the issue in some cases. 

Check the communication cable and connectors. One of the most common reasons for clock communication failures is that a cable is simply unplugged.  You will need to check the modem line to your PC's modem.  Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into a phone jack.  You should check that the phone jack you are using has a dial tone if you connect a regular telephone to it.

Try calling the phone number to your modem clock with a regular phone or cell phone.  You should hear the phone ring once and then the line picked up by the modem, followed by a series of shrill connection sounds as the modem attempts to connect.

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