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Question Why does the Smart Clock display the correct date on the screen, but the day of the week is incorrect?

Reset the clock by unplugging the power supply, waiting one minute and then plugging the power supply back in. The clock will reset itself and run through self-tests (as long as it is not connected to a battery backup unit that prevents it from turning off; you must use the reset button on the clock to force the reset if that is the case). Resetting the clock will not make it lose any punches in memory.

If the day of the week is not corrected, you may use your software (Out of the Box for Windows, Precious Time or the Stand Alone Communication Software) to communicate with the clock and set the date and time.  Please refer to the program manuals or built-in Help for the procedure. 

If that does not work, then this means that the Smart Clock you are using is an old unit from prior to the year 2000.  There was a chip update prior to the year 2000 that addressed that problem and it cannot be fixed now.  Your only option is to update your clock to a new model.  You may continue to use the clock with the incorrect day of the week until you upgrade because the problem only affects the displayed day of the week, not the displayed date, which is what is stored in the employee punches.

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