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Question What can I do if I cannot poll a Smart Clock with a modem?
Answer There can be many reasons for this. Here are some basic things to check that may solve the problem:

Check the communication cable and connectors. One of the most common reasons for clock communication failures is that a cable is simply unplugged. You will need to check the modem line to your PC's modem and to the Smart Clock's modem connector. Make sure the other end of the cable is plugged into a phone jack. You should check that the phone jack you are using has a dial tone if you connect a regular telephone to it.

Also, make sure that the modem terminal jumper on the back of the clock has not been removed. This jumper is located underneath the green RS-485 connector. It is the jumper position on the right. The jumper must be on the pins to activate the modem. If it is not, the modem will answer, but communication to the clock will fail soon after that.
Reset the clock by unplugging the power supply, waiting one minute and then plugging the power supply back in. The clock will reset itself and run through self-tests (as long as it is not connected to a battery backup unit that prevents it from turning off; you must use the reset button on the clock to force the reset if that is the case). Resetting the clock will not make it lose any punches in memory. Modem clocks will display a MDM INITIALIZED message on the display as part of the clock's boot up tests. This indicates that the modem has been programmed by the clock to pick up the line after a specified number of rings.

The Clock ID number (Browse/Smart Clock Configuration/Clock Configurations) must match the Clock Address on the physical unit. Please access the clock's menu system and verify the number. If you have multiple clocks on an RS-485 daisy chain or any other kind of "chain" configuration, each clock must have a unique address/ID. If every clock's address is 00, which clock answers when you ask for 00 to be polled? None! There is confusion as to "who" should answer. If each clock has an individual ID they can properly and efficiently respond to your requests. The clock’s default ID is 00, as set at the factory.

Please make sure the com port setting is correct in the Smart Clock Configuration / Communication Lines update screen. If the specified com port is not correct, the software will not be able to find the modem to dial out.

Try calling the phone number to your modem clock with a regular phone or cell phone. You should hear the phone ring once and then the line picked up by the modem, followed by a series of shrill connection sounds as the modem attempts to connect. If the line just rings and is never picked up, make sure that the clock has been reset. If it has, you may have a problem with the line or the clock. To make sure, move the Smart Clock to another phone jack with a number that you know (a fax machine line is a great choice, since the number is usually well known and the line can be borrowed for testing). Try calling the clock again to see if it responds. If it does, you may enter that phone number in the Smart Clock Configuration / Communication Lines update screen to try to connect via the software. If it does not respond, please contact our technical support department for an RMA number and mailing instructions to send the clock in for repair.
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