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Question Can I utilize another program to test communication to the Smart Clock?
Answer Yes. To do that, you can use Windows' HyperTerminal. This program is usually found under Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications.

You will need to write down your baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits and clock address (not clock number) from your Smart Clock software before getting started, because you will need them. If you are using a modem clock, you will need the phone number the clock's modem is connected to. If you are using an Ethernet board, you will need the IP address and port number.

Open HyperTerminal and enter any name and icon for the connection.

Under "Connect Using" select the appropriate connection type for your clock:For direct connection, select the Com Port that you have plugged your 9-pin adapter and communication cable into. This is very important. If you select the wrong option here, you can't test it properly. The next screen has the baud rate (they call it "Bits per second"), data bits, etc. Enter that information. For "Flow Control" select none.

For modem connection, select the appropriate modem from the list. You will need to modify the properties in the next screen and there are a variety of windows that you will have to look at to enter the phone number, baud rate, etc.

For Ethernet connection, select TCP/IP. The next screen has the fields to enter in your IP (host) address and port number.

After that, you will be taken to a blank screen. Go to File>Properties>Settings>ASCII Setup.

Checkmark "Send line ends..." and "Append line feeds...". Leave "Wrap lines..." checked.Press Ok and go back to the blank screen.

At the blank screen, make sure the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK on your keyboard are on. You can tell whether they are on or not by looking at the bottom of the HyperTerminal window. There are two indicators there that should be dark. If they are not, correct this. The clock will not communicate if CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK are off.
If those settings are ok, then type in S00 (S followed by two zeros, not two letter "O's"). S stands for "select" and 00 is the clock's address. Naturally, if your clock's address is not the default 00, you would type its number instead. S01 for a clock with address 01, for example.

You will not see these 3 characters as you type them; however, if you do obtain communication to the clock, the characters will appear after you type them in. There is no need to press the enter key after you type them. You can type in the 3 characters multiple times, but should do so at a brisk speed. If you get a response you can try typing in the letter V. If the clock is connected, it will respond back with its model and version number. Avoid pressing any other letters, since different letters cause different responses in this diagnostic mode and some of them can wipe out the clock's memory, etc.
If you get a response, it means the communication with your equipment is working fine.
If you don't get a response, please contact our technical support department for assistance.
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