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Question What can I do if my Smart Clock is having problems reading badges?

If you have examined the badges and they are not damaged or worn out, you may try the following:

Reset the clock by unplugging the power supply, waiting one minute and then plugging the power supply back in. The clock will reset itself and run through self-tests (as long as it is not connected to a battery backup unit that prevents it from turning off; you must use the reset button on the clock to force the reset if that is the case). Resetting the clock will not make it lose any punches in memory.  Then, try clocking in as usual to see if the badges can be read.

If your Smart Clock has a  barcode reader, you can try blowing compressed air in the reader slot or passing a soft cloth through it. That may help if there is dirt or debris in the reader slot that is preventing the badges from being read properly. 

If you have a magnetic stripe reader clock, we recommend purchasing a 3-pack of magnetic stripe cleaning cards. They are available from our website at this link:


The item number is 50338.  These cards clean dirt or debris from the magnetic stripe reader head and can improve the ability of the clock to read badges.   

If you have a Smart Clock with a proximity reader there is nothing else that can be done on site. There is no exposed reader mechanism to clean on that type of clock. 

If the badge reading problem continues, then the Smart Clock will need to come in for repairs.  Please contact our technical support department for an RMA number and mailing instructions.


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