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The Most Useful Time and Attendance System on the Market

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
Welcome to the Smart Clock Customer Testimonials page!
Check out what people are saying about Smart Clock. If you would like to share your experience regarding our products and support please write a comment.

City of Garland
"We have used the smart clocks and Precious Time software at the City of Garland for over 5 years with outstanding success.  We initially started using for the Animal Services department and that quickly grew to the Environmental waste department.  Animal services was a small department of 12 employees all utilizing a single clock. The Environmental Waste department is approximately 100 employees.  The next department come onboard with the time keeping system was Waster Water.  Waste Water utilizes bio metric clock. The install for Waste Water was at two separate; locations in the city.  Precious Time and the smart clocks are used to capture in and out times for each employee.  Every two weeks, time is downloaded into a predetermined format used by the payroll system and interfaced.  This process is fast and flawless.  We are currently expanding the Bio-metric time clocks to the Parks swimming pools to capture time of all pool employees.  This has always been a very tedious task to capture time on these employees.  By utilizing the time clocks with Precious time we should save 3 – 4 hour per payroll."

Beauregard Parish School Board
"We (Beauregard Parish School Board) have been pleased with the Smart Clock product. I now have thirty three clocks throughout our employee network. I have twenty clocks set up with the Daisy Chain method and I have nine clocks set up through our network. Both work well, but the network capability is user friendly and has more administrator options. As we replace older clocks, we are updating to the Networkable Clocks. I also have four clocks as spares so that if a clock does fail, I can replace the clock and have that location up and running quickly. Then I contact Smart Clock and set up a repair. The software for the Smart Clocks is easy to use for the administrator and the on site key operators that poll the clock and manage the time of the local employees. This is a good system and we are pleased with the product and the support. " - Al Ewing, Beauregard Parish School Board

Mayhew Signs
"It seems like only a few years since we started using the Smart Clock system to keep track of our employees time and attendance records. I see from the original manual I have on my bookshelf we havebeen using Smart Clock since version 1.1 back in 1999.

It has been a great work horse and time saver for our fast passed sign manufacturing and sign service company. Labor costs are a big factor to manage in the custom fabrication environment. Smart Clock has kept pace with the changes we have implemented over the years to track labor production costs and payroll expenses as a whole.

We can pull time throughout the day and get job costs related to current production within minutes of when a job is complete. This is great for our walk in vinyl production work. Customers can drop off an order and in most cases pick it up that day. Our pricing department has labor costs and materials used on the job just a click away. This keeps things rolling and customers happy.

On the bigger jobs that may be started this month and finished down the road labor input is critical in keeping the project under budget. Management can review these costs daily by job and know how they are shaping up as we move through the plan.

This new program is making things easier. Not only are the reports there but the data is much more friendlier as they can be exported in so many ways. This makes them easy to adapt to a vast array of internal and external formats which can be crunched, comingled, digitally archived, and shared. Some examples are PDF labor costs can be attached to Work Orders which shows management who did what when on the job and stored electronically for retrieval at any time in the future. Payroll activity can be reviewed by department managers before it is paid out. Sick Leave, Vacation Time, PTO, Holiday Pay, Attendance Reports, Pending Overtime Warning can be used to cut expenses and redirect labor, Tardy reports can be generated as well as break time, lunch time and early departures. Failure to clock out or in can be resolved daily. Most of the times within an hour of it occurring. This keeps employees on task and accountable for their time. When you remember that 15 minutes a day wasted by an employee is like giving them a week and a half of paid time off every year, it’s important to have a tool that keeps you on top of the potential productive loss. Smart Clock has the tools to minimize lost production time.

I would highly recommend this product for its cost to benefit ratio. There are so many ways you can adapt it to meet your unique Time, Attendance and Labor Cost analysis that it’s almost a no brainer." - Vonl Mattson, Mayhew Signs, Inc.
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